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Pacsoft Online will be phased out gradually over the next two years for the Swedish market.
As a user, you will need to choose another transport administration system, such as the free of charge Skicka Direkt Business from PostNord or nShift Delivery.

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NameCreated byFunctionDuration
ROUTEPacsoft OnlineControls load balancing to improve performanceSession
SES-???Pacsoft OnlineKeeps track of session-id.Session
sessionPacsoft OnlineKeeps track of session-id.10 years
UnifaunPacsoft OnlineKeeps track of default values10 years
UnifaunUserModePacsoft OnlineIndicates if profiles are used at login10 years
UnifaunCookiesPacsoft OnlineIndicates if the information field should be hidden.10 years
_gaGoogle AnalyticsDistinguishes users.2 years
__utmaGoogle AnalyticsDistinguishes user and session.2 years
__utmbGoogle AnalyticsDetermines new session/visit.30 minutes
__utmcGoogle AnalyticsDetemines when a session ends.Session
__utmzGoogle AnalyticsStores the source of the visit.6 months
__utmvGoogle AnalyticsStores user data.2 years
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